Top 5 WordPress Ad Management Plugins 2018

WP PRO Advertising System

WordPress is without any doubt an extremely flexible platform for web development but people looking to monetize their websites or blogs by displaying advertisements are hampered as the platform does not have a simple to use mechanism for the purpose. Many users turn to professional WordPress web development services for help but they can solve the problem by using any of the top 5 WordPress ad management plugins presented here.  

1. AdRotate Pro

AdRotate Pro

AdRotate Pro is the premium version of the free Adrotate plugin which is available in four price plans and has many more features than its free counterpart. It can be easily integrated with the website and advertisements can be placed anywhere on the interface with the help of an easy to use dashboard. It also has the facility for geo- targeting which is useful in focusing on the target audience in addition to one for displaying of ads exclusively on mobile devices. A user is assured of comprehensive reports apart from notifications in case of errors, expiry of ads or new commercials. The service has a versatile scheduling feature which helps in timing ads well in advance and helps in efficient management of advertising campaigns.

2. WP PRO Advertising System

WP PRO Advertising System

A very famous name in the world of ad management plugins, WP PRO Advertising System comes with a Visual Banner Design tool which has a drag and drop facility for creating attractive, animated banners. It also possesses features that help in designing corner peel ads, pop up ads or turn the background of the website into an advertisement.  This premium product has some other convenient features like a banner click heatmap which helps in assessing the location on an interface, where ads are clicked the most by users and the facility for automatically selling ad space on the website. The service is immensely valuable in targeting clients with attributes like ad triggers which show appropriate commercials at the right time and for detecting user inactivity so that they can be prompted into action by displaying a suitable advertisement.

3. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter

The next entry on this list of top 5 WordPress ad management plugins, Ad Inserter comes in free as well as paid versions. In this article, we are describing the features of the free version which supports all types of ads like Google Adsense, Amazon native Shopping and rotating banner ads. It has options for insertion of header scripts, AMP ads, analytics, tracking code or opt in forms, anywhere on the interface. The service has features for external tracking through Google Analytics and A?B testing for finding the most appropriate location for placing an ad. User can also chose to display sticky ads with animation and also detect ad blocking in addition to having access to an efficient scheduling system.

4. Ads Pro

Ads Pro

Ads Pro is another premium plugin that is helpful in managing, displaying and selling advertisement on a virtual interface. It has a templates and grid system for displaying commercials in over 20 ways like corner peel, sidebar, video, floating,background etc. without any restrictions of ad blocker. The geographical targeting facility is extremely useful in focusing on the core audience and the scheduling feature helps in not only fixing the time at which the commercials will be displayed but also in controlling their delay. It comes with more than 25 ready to use ad templates that are fully responsive ensuring effective display of the advertisements on all types of devices. The intuitive backend panel provides a very convenient way to manage and display ads on a website.

5. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads

This is a free plugin with some premium add ons and is immensely useful for creating, displaying and managing ads. The free version enables the user to display unlimited ads besides creating a group for rotational display of advertisements. It supports all types of Google Adsense banners and any other affiliate network can also be integrated with the WordPress website using the plugin. The service also allows the conditional display of ads and a user can choose to show them according to individual posts or pages or hide them from specific users.


This list of top 5 WordPress ad management plugins can be extremely beneficial for people looking to use their websites or blogs as an avenue for earning revenue by displaying advertisements.

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