Must have Guest blogging WordPress Plugins

Must have Guest blogging Wordpress Plugins

Must have Guest blogging WordPress Plugins

Do you own a very famous WordPress blog that gets thousands of opinions and visits now and you want to begin Guest blogging on it now? Then read on as you’ll get all the data in your WordPress blog about how to begin blogging guests.

You may be looking for some plugins for guest blogging that can make things easier for you. In fact, there are some incredible plugins that are helpful for guest blogging, making all guest posting associated duties much easier.

While Google has never endorsed the game linked to the backlink and the golden impact of guest blogging has diminished, it is still one of the most efficient ways to boost your crowd and boost your excellent backlinks and traffic. Many bloggers use it to increase their internet income and email list. Therefore, by harnessing the authority of posting guests, you can increase the visibility of your blog and your internet presence will increase.

Now we’re going to discuss some of the guest blogging famous WordPress plugins for users of WordPress. If you introduce guest blogging on your blogs, these plugins will make your job much easier.

Now let’s discuss the incredible and effective plugins for Guest Blogging:-

1 – Peter’s Collaboration Emails Plugin

Peter’s Collaboration Emails Plugin

This plugin sends the guest bloggers automatic notification of their guest post status, i.e., via email. Whether it’s in pending, planned or endorsed state.

This plugin also notifies them of their guest post’s change in status, if any, as if their guest post has shifted from pending to authorized status, or from pending to drafting, etc. The blog proprietor will receive notifications about the submitted fresh guest posts and the published blog posts.

If you use this plugin, it will make things much smoother for you. You must have sent manually emails about your guest post status to guest bloggers in the past. You don’t need to email them about any notice after using this plugin.

You also don’t have to go back and forth to your WordPress panel to verify if there are waiting for fresh guest posts. Using Peter’s Collaboration Email plugin, if a fresh guest post is presented, you will receive immediate notification on your email address.

2 – Peter’s post Notes Plugin

Peter’s post Notes Plugin

This plugin operates incredibly well in conjunction with the plugin Peter’s Emails Collaboration. You can readily add notes to edit post using this plugin and also edit page level for yourself and others. This plugin is helpful in so many cases, such as when you review a guest post on your blog and if you discover anything missing in that post, you can add a note for your guest blogger against that guest post. These notes are sent in the workflow with the messages.

3 – User Submitted Posts

User Submitted Posts

This is a guest blogging plugin that is simple to use and can assist you handle all your guest post submissions readily. The nice thing about using this plugin is that from the front-end of your WordPress page, your site users can readily submit guest messages and pictures or any multimedia content. That is very helpful.

Some of useful features of this plugin are :

  • You can enable your website visitors to submit messages from anywhere on your website by using this plugin.
  • You will have the choice to create pictures presented as featured pictures and also an option to use the rich text editor incorporated by WordPress for posting information.
  • Title, category, tags, url, writer, post and pictures can be included in your guest post submissions.
  • This plugin helps redirect the user to anywhere after effectively submitting the post or returning to the present site.
  • This plugin also contains a set of template tags for displaying and customizing messages presented by the user.

4 – Wang Guard

Wang Guard

Most bloggers ask guest bloggers to email or in MS Word format to submit their posts. While there is nothing wrong with this, it improves the editor’s quantity of job. Better alternatives are to allow your WordPress blog registration and allow the writers to submit messages straight from the WordPress dashboard.

You can use the plugin User Role Editor to monitor what access will be given to the posts writers. You can also experience the problem of spam registration and spam post submission when enabling registration. To address this, the WangGuard WordPress plugin can be installed.

Features of this Plugin are :

  • WangGuard uses the data supplied by admins to protect each website from spam registration and posting in a personalized manner.
  • The longer you use WangGuard, the more it becomes efficient.
  • Upon registration of the user, WangGuard will check that the user is a splogger or spam user. If it finds that use is a splogger, it will not permit registration on your website.
  • WangGuard cleans your splogger and spam user database.

5 – WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend provides you with the mot characteristics free of charge compared to the other accessible frontend post submission plugins. The forms offer users the capacity to generate fresh messages, edit their entire profile from the front end of the website, so the user does not need to join the admin panel of the backend to do the same.

Users can upload documents, fill out forms, enter information with various menus of selection. Hence our post management can allow users to update their messages from the frontend as all the forms are produced as a custom post. You can operate on any platform like WooCommerce with this plugin.

Features of this plugin are below :

  • Users can readily generate and edit a fresh post from the frontend.
  • In the frontend custom dashboard,Users can view their website.
  • Administrator may limit access to the WordPress backend by any user.
  • Get fresh posts email notifications Admins can handle frontend customers.

Conclusion :

We just talked about the top 5 WordPress plugins that are very useful in blogging guests. Whether you are already accepting guest posts or are planning to accept them on your blogs, you can choose any of these plugins. Since these plugins have a lot of characteristics, you’ll love them. Good thing is that all these plugins are freely accessible from the official website of the WordPress plugin.

We hope these guest blogging plugins on your WordPress blog will assist you to do the guest blogging process smoothly.

Author Bio :

Jeevan Kumar is a technology enthusiast and strong believer in agile product development. He is a Senior Content Strategist of Fortunesoft IT Innovations a WordPress development company. A Computer Engineer by education and a technology adherent by passion. His interest in computers & the internet has made him a self-proclaimed geek.


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