Shopify Apps that will Instantly increase your Sales

Shopify Apps that will Instantly increase your Sales

Shopify Apps that will Instantly increase your Sales

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Shopify makes setting up extremely simple to sell directly out of the box online. And, are you aware that hundreds of Shopify applications are also accessible to assist you develop your company?

But, with hundreds of Shopify applications out there, finding the ones that will truly assist you boost revenues can be difficult. We know that without the right tools, your revenue can not grow, so we’ve performed a ton of studies to discover the best Shopify applications to boost revenues.

These applications will assist you promote your shop, sell your goods, reward your clients, and manage stock and shipping to gain more income.

Apps for Marketing and Promotions :

TrustPulse :

TrustPulse shopify app

TrustPulse operates to leverage social proof and build confidence with your site visitors by displaying a tiny pop-up notification of other users ‘ real-time activity while on your site.

Shoppers are more likely to trust other shoppers ‘ suggestions over advertisers — actually 92% more probable! —When buying choices are concerned. You can use real-world exercise with TrustPulse to boost your website conversions by up to 15%.

For up to 500 meetings per month (single browser or device visiting your site), TrustPulse is free. For up to one million sessions, paid plans begin at $4/month for up to 1,000 sessions at $350/month. Or, ask for a personalized plan!

Referral Candy :

Referral Candy shopify app

Are you aware that nine more will be told by every happy client? So, you’re missing out on sales if you don’t find a way to get referrals.

Referral Candy is one of the best Shopify applications to offer incentives for referring their friends to your clients. For unlimited referrals, you can choose the reward of your decision.

The scheme of Referral Candy involves instant reward delivery and referral reminders as well as a dashboard where referrals can be tracked. This app begins at $49 a month.

Apps for Sales Channels :

Facebook Channel :

shopify store Facebook Channel

While email marketing is more efficient at driving revenues than social media, online stores still use social media as an significant reference source. Facebook and Twitter can actually assist you obtain product suggestions, as well as real sales.

That’s why Facebook Channel makes our list of the best sales-increasing Shopify apps. It allows you to use your Facebook presence to drive sales, in just a few clicks setting up a Facebook shop. You can show products on your Facebook timeline with Facebook Channel and allow shoppers to buy products directly from your messages.

Buy Button Channel :

Buy Button Channel shopify

Simple but effective is the free Buy Button sales channel app. You can use it to create a custom buy button that you can put anywhere with just one click to let shoppers buy. No need, no footsteps.

You can change the colors of the buttons to suit your brand, create custom checkout links for any product, and update Shopify product details without editing any code in your eCommerce store or blog.

With the Buy Button, both the buttons and the custom checkout links can be used to fulfill orders. And using your Home Sales Survey and Analytics websites, you can monitor sales.

Apps for Shopify Customer Service :

Facebook live chat :

Shopify Facebook live chat

Live chat has become a major customer service and feedback instrument for customers. Businesses claim that providing live chat has had a beneficial impact on sales, income, and customer loyalty, according to latest studies. Facebook is one of the best social media sites to communicate with your clients with more than 2 billion users.

By using Facebook Messenger for client service, the Facebook Live Chat Shopify app allows you to support your clients on your Shopify page. The app also incorporates a user-friendly, responsive design with other social sites.

This app is free for up to three websites, with $9.99 to $49.99 per month upgrade packages.

Rewards & Referrals by Swell :

Shopify Rewards & Referrals by Swell

One of the reasons we’ve included Swell, although the list already includes both rewards and referrals applications, is that it has so many integrations. It operates with Facebook, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and more as well as with Yotpo, which we listed above.

Through bonuses for writing reviews, referring fresh clients, creating accounts, making fresh purchases, and more, Swell claims its users have doubled their company from current clients. You can also reward relationships with social media like likes and follows.

Swell is free every month for up to 100 orders. Plans begin at $29 a month after that.

Apps for Products & Inventory :


Spocket Shppify App

Spocket is an easy-to-use, fast, and frequently updated dropshipping marketplace. It provides quick shipping from more than 20,000 reliable providers of hundreds of thousands of products.

You get one-click order satisfaction, flat-rate shipping, and real-time order tracking with Spocket— all great client pleasures!

And, in the rare event that something goes wrong, Spocket has a dedicated support team prepared to assist you rapidly and painlessly resolve it.

You can start with 25 FREE products, but just $29/month (or $69/month for unlimited products!) is up to 250 products.

Printful :

Printful Shopify App

If you want a shop without having to store your own products, Printful can be of assistance. This app offers print-on-demand designs that can be printed for T-shirts, bags, mugs, and almost anything else. They even have designers to assist you produce the most attractive products.

Simply take orders from your shop once they’re prepared and Printful will send them out. No need to handle shipping labels for inventory or printing. It’s a wonderful way to create no hassle sales. The cost depends on the item to be sold.

Conclusion :

Shopify applications can unlock fresh features to optimize your website for a better customer experience and more sales. While the above applications are some of the best free applications on the Shopify App Store, there’s plenty more to explore and leverage to power your distinctive Shopify company. It’s all about finding the best app for your special requirements.

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Varun Kumar is a technology enthusiast and strong believer in agile product development. He is a Senior Content Strategist of Fortunesoft IT Innovations – Ecommerce web development company


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