How to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Through Shoppable Posts on Instagram

How to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Through Shoppable Posts on Instagram

How to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Through Shoppable Posts on Instagram

Back in March 2018, Instagram added another feature to its platform that a lot of digital advertisers can use. This feature is called a Shoppable Post. A Shoppable Post is a post on Instagram that has tags on certain products that allow them to purchase said products on the app itself.

Given the fact that more than 33% of Instagram users will make a mobile purchase through Instagram, especially since Instagram has around one billion users, this is not a percentage that you should sneeze at.

If you are a business that has an Instagram account, then it is essential that you use Shoppable posts to the best of your abilities. They provide a lot of sales and better leads for you.

To set this up on your Instagram account, you begin by first switching your profile to an Instagram Business account. Next, you must associate a shop with a product catalog on Facebook. To do that, Facebook has made a guide on how to set up a business manager for Facebook Catalogs.

After which, you can then create catalogs using either Facebook, Shopify, or even BigCommerce. Once you have created the catalogs, you can connect the catalog on your Instagram. Finally, you can tag posts with your products, and you’re done!

If you are still unconvinced about using Shoppable Posts on Instagram or are unsure how best to utilize it, read on to find out how exactly you can boost eCommerce Sales through these posts.

Shoppable posts enhance user-experience

Shoppable posts enhance user-experience

Source: Tarte Cosmetics

User experience, abbreviated as UX, is something of a buzzword that a lot of web developers and web product creators use. This term is the encapsulation of the design process of crafting products that give the user a productive experience.

According to Voy Media, an Instagram marketing agency in NYC, a good user experience creates meaningful interactions between the user and whichever product they are using. On that note, Shoppable posts on Instagram enhances user experience because it makes it easy and navigable to be able to purchase a product on Instagram.

Instead of having to click a link that leads to a website to find out how much the product costs and what the product looks like, a Shoppable post shows you the appearance of the product on the post itself. You can also purchase the item straight on Instagram too, so it is definitely an intuitive and meaningful experience for any user.

Feature your sales and discounts

With the tags on Instagram’s Shoppable posts, you will not only be able to feature prices and the name of the product. You will also be able to feature when the item is on sale or has a discount.

When a user taps on an Instagram Shoppable post product tag, they should be able to see that the item is on sale. The original price will be in gray and crossed out and placed at the right-hand side of the new price.

Include product stickers to your Instagram Stories

Include product stickers to your Instagram Stories

Source: Love Street

You might not be aware of this, but Shoppable posts are not only available on regular Instagram posts, but they are also present in your Instagram Stories. The best part about these product stickers on Instagram Stories is that it is available no matter how many followers you have.

Small businesses can take advantage of this feature as it can generate a lot of sales for you. Plus, it is quite easy to set up. All you have to do is take a photo and go to the stickers menu. Once there, choose the product sticker.

After you put the product sticker, you then have to select the appropriate product based on your product catalog. Then, you may move the sticker around or modify its color, but overall, you’re done!

Use social influencers to increase the credibility of your products

Use social influencers to increase the credibility of your products

Source: Kylie Cosmetics

Shoppable posts don’t only have to be made on your own Instagram account. It is an excellent idea that you hire an Instagram influencer to create a Shoppable post for you to have a more effective Shoppable post.

You will be able to tap into their market especially since they may have a broader reach than your business account.

Influencer marketing is an excellent tool for any business looking to have a big break on social media. With Shoppable posts, it is an added boost that will improve sales in your eCommerce business.

There is a Shopping channel in the Explore section

There is a Shopping channel in the Explore section

Instagram Shopping Channel

Did you know that there is a Shopping channel in the Explore section of Instagram? If you didn’t well, it’s good that you know now because there are a lot of things you can do with the Shopping channel for your business.

The Shopping tab on the Explore section is an excellent way for users to receive personalized Shopping ads in their account. If a person is following your Business account, then you are more than likely to be featured on the Shopping channel for them.

If you’re looking for ways to reconnect with users who aren’t as active with your brand, then the Shopping channel can help you with that.

Tag your products on your old posts

If you have only recently converted to a Business account or you had a Business account before Instagram dropped the Shoppable post feature, then it is time to look back at some old posts.

Scour through your old posts about your products and tag these products to make them a Shoppable post. People can quickly look back on your posts, and it will be convenient for them if you have made these posts Shoppable too.

Activate the “Shop” button on your profile

Activate the “Shop” button on your profile

Source: Kylie Cosmetics

Some small businesses may be wondering how to get the Shop button on the front of their profile. The interest is understandable given the fact that having a Shop button on the front page of your account will be convenient for users.

Activating the Shop button on your profile is simple. All you have to do is to post or create at least nine posts on your account that are Shoppable. After this, customers will be able to scroll through these posts once they click on the Shop button that will appear on your profile.

Utilize user-generated content

Utilize user-generated content

Source: Hollister Co

User-generated content is an excellent way of content marketing that allows you to connect with your followers while at the same time gaining some traffic into your Instagram. User-generated content can also be a Shoppable post if you didn’t know, so best get started with implementing this if you can.

Just have other happy customers posts tagged with your product and others can be able to see who you’ve serviced and how well they have received it.

It is a lot like having influencers. However, with influencers, they are more of a stranger to the average person than someone completely trustworthy. If the post is from people they know, however, it is much easier to check out the product given the stamp of approval from a person they know.

To wrap it all up

Shoppable posts are a useful feature on Instagram that has a lot of uses and formats that can make it exciting and practical for both Instagram users and businesses of all sizes. As an eCommerce business owner, it is crucial that you are in the know of all things digital so that you can improve your social media marketing strategy.

If you have not used an Instagram Shoppable post yet, then why wait? Shoppable posts give you more sales and generate a lot of leads for you so don’t be shy and try it out soon! You’re going to thank yourself later.


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