9 Terrible Web Design Mistakes Law Firms Should Avoid

9 Terrible Web Design Mistakes Law Firms Should Avoid

9 Terrible Web Design Mistakes Law Firms Should Avoid

How will your law firm create a stellar first impression to prospective clients?

In this highly digital world, most people are now turning to the internet for different kinds of solutions. Therefore, it is imperative for your law firm to have a website to promote yourself to prospects.

But the thing is, making serious web design mistakes easily ruin your chances of finding new clients and handling more cases. Your law firm can not beat your competition if you do not have a solid presence in the online world.

In this post, we will walk you through with the nine terrible web design mistakes that you need to avoid:

Complicated Site Navigation

When creating a site for your law firm, there are two things that you need to focus on: Simplicity and functionality.

Users should be able to navigate different sections of your site quickly. If an organization is essential in key areas, then various pages should be created for each of them. Links to these pages should be placed below a heading like  “Practice Areas” and “Services” and show in the header.

Every page should also have a search box to help users find whatever they are looking for.

Poor Website Security

Creating a site that is not secure is a huge mistake. The last thing that you want to happen is to have your site’s data and other vital information to be hacked, phished, or stolen.

Some industries need to get a higher level of trust and data protection than others ‒ the legal industry being one of them.

Most users are well-aware with these online safety concerns. That’s why they are smart enough to look for the word, “secure” on their URL bar.

If you want your site to generate more leads, it has to be secure. But how? By getting an SSL certificate.

An unsecured site is a red flag for both web users and search engines. Website security makes up a large portion of a search engine’s ranking algorithm. Moreover, do you know that 82 percent of users will not browse a site if it’s not secured?

Non-mobile Responsive

You have probably heard this many times before, but we’ll say it again. Your site needs to be mobile friendly.

Do you know that more and more users are now relying on the internet to seek legal counsel? That’s not all; 60% of searches are now happening on mobile devices. So, it is crucial more than ever to have a mobile-friendly site.

That means you have a site that’s easy-to-navigate on mobile, attractive, and a fast page loading speed.

Lack of Social Proof

People want to work only with the best legal services. Unfortunately, a lot of modern clients these days are impatient. That puts you in a situation where you only have limited time to prove to them that you are the best in the industry.

To convince them, ensure that you have the following elements in the front-and-center of your website.

  • Achievements and awards
  • Links to related studies and research papers
  • Affiliations
  • Testimonials
  • Associations
  • Legal certifications and pedigree
  • Other authority builders that are relevant to your specialization

Slow Page Loading Time

One of the biggest mistakes you can ever commit is to have a slow-loading site. Otherwise, this can significantly affect your organic search rankings.

A site that is not built for search engines and users will make your conversions and visibility drop.

As the need for instant gratification grows, your site speed is more crucial than ever. When you fail to focus on your site speed, this drives prospective clients away, instead of learning more about what you do.

Hiring a professional who will manage and monitor the speed of your site will give you a competitive edge from your competitors. Do not hire fly-by-night website builders that will provide you pre-existing themes that are bulky.

Missing Calls-to-Action

Your website’s goal is to acquire new clients. So there must be a specific function on your site that encourages people to contact you.

Calls to action are what you precisely need to achieve this. A CTA button that is highly visible (with a convincing message) encourages people to click on them.

For instance, instead of mentioning in your content that your first consultation is free, communicate it instead using a CTA.

Placing a tab with the text “Make Your Free Consultation Now” is more attractive to your audience.

Low-Quality Content

Your site should be professional and credible. According to AmazeLaw, ensure that the content you publish is accurate and relevant.

While it might seem daunting at first, review your site regularly and remove any outdated data.

If you have a blog and are publishing blog articles, try to publish fresh content regularly to stay on top of your game.

Missing Contact Information

On your site’s homepage, 64 percent of web visitors want to see your contact information.

Not having one makes you lose leads and conversions. So, make sure that you have all the relevant information about your law firm, as well as your contact number.

Neglecting SEO

Here’s the thing, your content will not show up on top of the search results as soon as you publish it.

That’s why you need to you execute at least a basic search engine optimization so that the people who are looking for you can find you on search results.

When someone searches the name of your law firm or city, it should appear on Google’s search results. If someone is looking specifically for your firm online and could not find you, you will be leaving a bad impression on them.

If you do not have a site, clients will also think that you are outdated in other areas of your practice, too.

Wrapping It Up

Simply put, your website should be attractive, easy to navigate, and lead-focused. Making these mistakes over and over again can send your law firm down the drain if you do not do anything about it.

The best way to avoid these errors and prevent mistakes is to work with an industry expert that specializes in law firm web design.


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